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As a president of Indong BnG Co.,Ltd. I, SJ Chon welcome you to visit our homepage.
Indong BnG Co.,Ltd. is the leading company in supplying livestock related equipment. Also specialized in artificial insemination for swine and bovine.

We are putting our best effort to keep supplying good quality product with competitive price.

Always think from customers¡¯ perspective to meet our company motto ¡° You are our main priority¡± Indong BnG Co., Ltd. will put more time to study and research to provide more advanced technology to Korean livestock industry.

I would like to thank you again for viewing our homepage and wishing you bright prosperity.
We sincerely hope that you¡¯ll continue to be interested in our company and it¡¯s progress.

Indong BnG Co., Ltd.
President Se Jin Chon